Jules’ approach is coming from a place of love, compassion and to help with healing.  Jules feels it is very important to maintain integrity in all of her work, and will always give information based on what she feels is right in the moment and not necessarily what someone wants to hear, so please be open completely, and know that Spirit is working to get you the information that you need.

Please be aware when booking that there are never any guarantees that can be made with any situation, and any information or advice given is based purely on potential, and you have your own free will to make your decisions with your life thereafter. 

Additionally, information given is not meant to replace Medical, Legal or other Professional advice.

You are always welcome to record the audio of your readings. Filming is prohibited without prior consent.


Psychic Readings are when Jules blends with your Soul’s energy to receive an understanding of different aspects of your life.  These kinds of sessions are beneficial when people are in need of information, validation and guidance.  As she blends with you, she will give you evidence of experiences you are currently going through, or may have experienced in the past.  She may also tap into the potentials of future prospects and opportunities that may be coming in the future.


Mediumistic Readings are when Jules blends with the Spirit World to communicate with your family and friends who have crossed over. As she does this, Jules will provide evidential information about their lives to bring forth proof of their presence.  Sometimes our loved ones offer guidance, and sometimes they just want to let us know that they are still around us.

Please note: no Medium can guarantee that the person you wish to communicate with will come through during your reading.  Please keep an open mind to the information that’s provided, as you may receive information that you didn’t know was of importance.

Readings and Healing sessions may be combined in the same appointment. Typically the reading will be done first, but sometimes it may be done second.  A 60 Minute session can be a hybrid of both Psychic and Mediumship if you so desire.

30 Mins $85
60 Mins $150

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For special events such as group readings, please send an email inquiry.