auralux reiki and crystal healing

Do you need a spiritual tune up?

It’s easy to become energetically imbalanced in today’s society.  There are so many things requiring our attention at once that we often forget to take the time to center ourselves.  A small imbalance can make us feel a little off, unclear, or stagnate, while a larger imbalance can lead to illness or disease.  My intention is to promote and inspire mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well being through a combination of alternative methods of healing.

Reiki channels a gentle universal life force (Rei) energy (Ki) through my hands and toward the person, plant, animal or object that is receiving the healing.  To enhance Reiki, I love using crystals in my sessions. These gorgeous wonders of nature have powerful energetic and healing properties and can also be used entirely on their own.  In addition, I enjoy combining Sound Healing, Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy (color therapy) as needed.  All of these tools may be used to assist in opening/balancing the Chakras and sealing holes in the Aura’s layers.  They clear any imbalances in the energy field and make room for a higher/healthier vibrational frequency.  Reiki and Crystals can also be used to heal past traumas, attract things like abundance, encourage self love, and strengthen the immune system. Each session is unique and tailored to the individual’s needs. Most people feel relaxed, rejuvenated and extremely clear after a treatment.

When you take the time to regenerate your soul, you’ll see your life transform on every level!
I very much look forward to being a part of your healing journey.


Julianna Davis

Reiki Master, Crystal Healer, Intuitive Counselor